Shipping & delivery

Because we send the products directly from the supplier to you, we can save enormously on transport and storage costs. This also ensures that we can take the shipping costs of our products for our own account. The choice to ship directly from the supplier entails a slightly longer delivery time than you may be used to, but does give you the cheapest prices.

We process orders between Monday and Friday. Orders are processed within 2 working days and shipped the next day. We do not ship on weekends. In situations where products are highly sought after, the processing time may take longer than 3 days. The delivery time on all our products is on average 7 working days and can be a maximum of 21 working days.

* We do not guarantee delivery times, these are estimated.

Check if all shipping information is correct. If there is incorrect or missing information, we are forced to contact you. This can cause a delay in your order. Delays can also be caused by customs.

The information from Track and Trace code may lag slightly until the package is close to the delivery address. As a result, it may take a few days for the location of the package to become visible.

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